yoga studio app review

I’ve been suffering from a calf injury lately, so I’ve had a hunt around for a low impact exercise alternatives like yoga. Although I try to attend the lunchtime yoga sessions at work, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just practise yoga at home when you have time, but with the help of a teacher rather than doing the routines from memory or illustrations?

Well if you have been thinking this, then here is the app for you. Yoga Studio is a $4.99 app which offers 65 pre-defined classes covering 280 different poses. Select a class based on time (15, 30 or 60 mins), yoga level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), and focus (strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance etc). There is even a section called Yoga for Runners! Once you have decided on a class, just download the HD video to your device. The videos use a special ‘video stitch’ technology to reduce the HD video to 10 times smaller than a normal video (my 15 minute class was about 40 MB), so you won’t be chewing through your disk space on your device. You can play these videos anytime – no internet connection needed. Perfect for when you are travelling or escaping the hustle of the city.

There’s even a scheduling tool that will send you a reminder that your yoga class is going to start. Just roll out your mat and get your downward dog on. I propped up my iPad at the end of my mat, and followed the video. The voiceover had clear instructions – like where to place your hands in certain poses, or where you should be feeling the stretch, and following the instructor’s moves was straightforward. The background music was relaxing, but you can replace this with one of your own playlists if you prefer.

If you want to create your own customised class you can. For example, my Runners class was filled with poses and stretches to increase flexibility in your hips and leg muscles, but no upper body strength work. So to create a class which includes both these areas is easy – the app even helps with transition between different poses.

Whatever your stage, whether you are a beginner like me or an advanced yogini, this app has something for everyone and brings the convenience of yoga to your home in glorious HD. I love that you can squeeze in a quick 15 minutes of yoga when you are at home – great for the time poor. You can pay anything from $15-$20 for a yoga class, and this app has 65 pre-set classes for just $5! An absolute bargain and very well designed and produced.

You can download Yoga Studio to your iPhone, iPad or iPad mini here