I download apps nearly every day of the week. Many have a fleeting appearance on my phone, and are deleted a few days later. Others hang around until the next cleanup, and a very few move to the sacred Home screen. The new Nutshell camera app is definitely in the second category and may even move into the third.

Nutshell is made by the clever folks who brought you Prezi, a creative presentation tool that knocks Powerpoint out of the park. Described as a visual storytelling app, Nutshell stitches together 3 photos to make a short video. But one that you can add cool graphics and animations to – give your creativity a whirl!

Nutshell is super easy to use with a clean and simple user interface. You need to take 3 photos in quick succession in one go – you can’t select previous images from your camera roll. These are then stitched together to create a short video that you add graphics and special effects to. Audio can be turned off, and you can save your final creation to your camera roll to be shared via email, text, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Tip: go to Settings/Nutshell to change the default to HD video.

I’ve signed up for the Beta testing program here, and I’m hoping to see a few of these items from my wishlist:

  • A premium version that removes the Nutshell watermark at the end (making it usable by brands)
  • Feature to add music to the final video
  • More graphics and stickers available for purchase
  • Landscape recording option (currently only square aspect)

As the consumption of video continues to climb, apps like Nutshell will do very well. Back in the days of Web 2.0 we clambered to make our photos stand out in the cluttered social stream, prompting the development of a myriad of new photo apps adding frames, filters and text to our images. The same will happen with video, so grabbing a share of the mini movie market is a smart move. Snapchat Stories are hugely popular because they tell a story, with graphics added by the user. This is a similar concept, but more polished (and permanent). Autoplay videos on Facebook and Instagram have also increased the amount of video consumed – whether we want to or not.

Nutshell is a great little app for sharing something extra than just a photo, without it being a full length movie. Although my kids love playing around with it and creating little stories, it also has great potential for bloggers and content creators as well.

Here’s one I made earlier.


Download Nutshell for free on iOS here. Sorry Android, no version for you as yet. Or that one guy on the Facebook Page who wanted a Windows Phone version.


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  1. Sorry Simone, you didn’t inspire me, but its cool for people to share their apps so we know what appeals:)

  2. Definitely easy to use!

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