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Want free eMagazines on technology, art, style, politics, travel that you can download and keep forever, with no limit on the number you can check out, and back issues available as well? Well, who wouldn’t!

Your local library may offer Zinio for Libraries, the world’s largest digital library newsstand – I uncovered it on the Auckland Library website over the weekend. Zinio gives you access to many popular US, UK, Australian and NZ magazine titles like Vanity Fair, Vogue, The Economist, Metro, The Atlantic, Esquire, Marie Claire, Hello and other titles from technology, art, style, politics, travel and more.

These eMagazines are replicas of the print issue – same layout, same ads, same glorious full colour. The current issues are released at the same time as the print editions or with a slight delay (for formatting) but right now I’m scrolling my way through my free issue of June 2015 Vanity Fair on my iPad. Not too shabby.

If you prefer to read online via your browser you can do this, but if you travel a lot then downloading to the app for offline reading might be more appealing. Or you can do both! You can use up to 17 (yes, seventeen) devices to access your Zinio account, with any 5 open at any one time. Should be just enough I think.

So how do you sign up?

1. Go to Auckland Libraries website here to create your Zinio account and view the catalogue. You’ll need your Library barcode number (from the back of your library card). More helpful info here.

2. Fill your boots by selecting all the magazines you want to read. If you want an email when each new issue is released (yes please!), then tick the box when you checkout the issue. You can also choose from back issues for some titles. This could go on for hours.

3.  Read your magazine(s). Choose from:

  • online with a browser
  • offline with Zinio Reader 4 for PC or Mac
  • offline with the Zinio app for Android, Apple iPhone and iPad, Windows 8BlackBerry, and Kindle Fire. Most magazines range between 50-100MB, but graphic-heavy magazines are larger and may range between 100-300MB or more.

The only problem I can see is when am I going to find time to read all these magazines? If you solve that problem, please let me know!


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  1. Christchurch public libraries offer Zinio to their members too, as well as press display – online newspapers from NZ and abroad.

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