For the past month or so I’ve been using Bellabeat Leaf, an activity tracker that is beautiful jewellery not a rubber bracelet. Unlike Fitbit and other popular wearables, this one wants to look stylish.

So what does it do? The Bellabeat Leaf tracks movement through an inbuilt accelerometer, allowing you to monitor your steps, active minutes and kilometers covered each day.  This is the main feature I’ve used it for. The Leaf can also be used to monitor your sleep, your menstrual cycles and a few other bits and bobs.

What I like about the Leaf:

1. It looks great!

2. You can wear it 3 ways:

  1. As a necklace on a chain around your neck
  2. As a bracelet around your wrist
  3. Clipped to your clothing

This gives you a lot more flexibility and means you are not stuck with wearing your activity tracker the same way all the time. One of the drawbacks of Fitbit and other wearables is when you are dressed up for an event but don’t want a rubber bracelet as part of your outfit (how many Fitbits have you seen on the red carpet?). With the Leaf you can clip it inside your outfit, or even pop it in your pocket or clutch (admittedly I haven’t tried this myself).

3. The battery lasts for 6 months. No need to add it to the clutter of devices that require recharging every few days. Don’t miss counting steps because your battery is flat!

4. It has an adjustable inactivity alert which reminds you to get up and walk around if you’ve been watching Netflix for too long.

The Leaf is not a Fitbit though. Don’t expect notifications from your phone to pop up. Don’t look for real-time tracking of your steps (you manually sync with the Leaf app on your phone). Don’t expect your Leaf to tell you the time.

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The Leaf is jewellery, not a watch replacement so what you gain in looks and style, you lose in features. But since it is jewellery, it is way better looking, it has more than one way to wear it and it doesn’t go flat.

Available for purchase online from USD$120. Find out more here.

Wearable tech is developing super fast (Fitbit has released two new models this year already) and we will see a wide range of devices and accessories coming in the future which is great news for fashion conscious consumers!




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  1. Nice! I have a Fitbit, but hate that rubber cheap aspect of it! And you can’t buy the designer bracelet from New Zealand.

  2. Whoops, meant to say, can’t buy from New Zealand easily!

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