Rewarding your followers for reposting images on Instagram is nothing new and is a good way of organically reaching a new audience rather than running a promoted post.

However! A word of warning. If you are using this as a way to enter a competition and you have a hashtag that will allow people to find your campaign content – then don’t do it.

One of my favourite beauty YouTubers is Fleur de Force. Fleur is a hugely successful UK vlogger, blogger and social influencer. with over 1.4m subscribers on YouTube alone. Plus she has her own cosmetic line and has published two books. AND she interviewed Kylie Jenner on her channel. And met Britney Spears. You get the idea? She has put heaps of effort into developing her channel over the 7 years she has been on YouTube and is very professional, savvy and personable.

This Christmas she is running a few giveaways on her Instagram channel. Great prizes like GHD hair styling tools and high end makeup. Being the lead up to Christmas, Fleur is using the hashtag #FDFGiftGides to link all her festive gift content together which is smart. However having a ‘repost to win’ competition has muddled these plans.


Because Fleur has such a massive following (773K Instagram followers) and most of them would dye their hair green if she told them, this is what you see if you search the Instagram hashtag. 

Pages and pages of this. Not great if you want to see Fleur’s other content on the hashtag – you have to scroll through pages of the reposted image by which time you are losing the will to live somewhat.

So if you are a brand or influencer and thinking about running a ‘repost to win’ competition, it’s worth thinking about what you want to achieve if you are using a campaign hashtag and what people might see if they search it.

However if you are interested in following one of the top UK beauty bloggers then I’d definitely recommend Fleur as it is an insightful way to see how brands collaborate with social influencers.