Rewarding your followers for reposting images on Instagram is nothing new and is a good way of organically reaching a new audience rather than running a promoted post. However! A word of warning. If you are using this as a way to enter a competition and you have a hashtag that will allow people to […]

The Experiment

Over the past couple of months I’ve been running an experiment. I wanted to see if blogging more frequently actually made any difference. Would it drive more traffic to my site? Would I get more subscribers? Would Google love me more? Would my social media followers increase more than average? Continue reading

I’ve been discovering a few new blogs lately and it has given me a fresh perspective on what I look for when visiting a new blog. Just like when you travel to a new city, you want to know what this place is famous for, where the important stuff is, what is good round here […]

Blogs take work. Quite a lot of work. Sure it’s simple to start a blog – a few clicks and you are away. But that’s the easy bit! After 2 years and 120 blog posts, I jotted down my 10 best tips for you bloggers out there. Why, why, why… and who?  My biggest tip is […]

I decided to change my blog theme to freshen up the look a bit (and to be honest I was getting a bit bored of it). Also, the theme I had required a very wide – and not very tall-  feature image which was hard to accomodate. I had a look at the WordPress themes […]

I was honoured to be invited to join a panel at WordCampNZ recently, along with Vaughan Rowsell (CEO Vend), Gianpolo Grazioli (Giapo Icecream) and facilitated by Bill Bennett It was a wide ranging discussion, topics covered include online communities, social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest), mobile usage and consumer behaviour, permission marketing, personal vs […]

WordCamp is an awesome 2 day conference organised by Jason Kemp and a team of hardworking people. This year it was held in the Auckland CBD on 21 & 22 April. The first day is for general WordPress or online users, the second day is focused on more development and technical topics. I Storified a […]