Rewarding your followers for reposting images on Instagram is nothing new and is a good way of organically reaching a new audience rather than running a promoted post. However! A word of warning. If you are using this as a way to enter a competition and you have a hashtag that will allow people to […]

“Like to win THIS and THIS and THIS!” Facebook have changed the promotion rules today so you’re likely to see a lot more shouty, spammy giveaway posts in your Newsfeed. Continue reading

Imagine receiving a box of garments delivered to your door, all handpicked by your personal shopper in your size and your style based on info you have provided earlier and your Pinterest pins. You try them on and decide to return some (no charge), keep one or two items (and deduct the $20 upfront stylist fee from the total) or maybe keep the lot and claim a 25% discount off the full price.  Continue reading

“I work for Bank of America, and I’m here to help.” Sounds legit, right? Well according to Gizmodo, the Bank of America Twitter account was tweeting this and other scripted responses to the @OccupyLA Twitter account and several others – leading many to believe the bank had automated their Twitter responses. Bank of America later disputed […]

LinkedIn is slowly changing it’s game. After spending years as an online Rolodex, a job posting site, then a stalking recruiter’s dream, it is now turning its mind to brands and publishing. With over 850K Kiwis using LinkedIn (and 200m worldwide) there are a lot of eyeballs out there to capitalise on. For ages on […]

Confession time: I am a bit of an online shopper.  I don’t have lots of time to idly shop during the weekends, so I tend to do a lot of my shopping online. Last year I sunk a heap of cash into JCrew, and spent many evenings looking at ShopBop and Netaporter. This year I’m going local(ish) […]

Last week, as many of you will know, the main dude behind the Telecom NZ Twitter account finished up. Richard had been at the helm for a few years and although supported by the famous ORT (Online Response Team), he was the guy you’d most likely be tweeting and Facebooking if you were talking to […]