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Hands down the best use of Periscope has been by CNN correspondent Max Foster who has been continuously livestreaming the Royal Baby updates.

Take 3 photos and create a clever little video using Nutshell camera app.

yoga studio app review

I’ve been suffering from a calf injury lately, so I’ve had a hunt around for a low impact exercise alternatives like yoga. Although I try to attend the lunchtime yoga sessions at work, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just practise yoga at home when you have time, but with […]

Do you find out what the weather is like from Instagram, instead of the real world?

It’s not every day that the arm of Forbes’ 52nd most powerful woman in the world is draped around your shoulder. But on Friday, dear readers, this happened to me!

Lightbox on a laptop

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, the little people in our household get a bit restless. I took the opportunity to sign up to Lightbox – Spark’s new TV streaming service which launched earlier this week. For any kind of online entertainment my bottom line is that it has to be quick and easy to sign-up, simple to […]