yoga studio app review

I’ve been suffering from a calf injury lately, so I’ve had a hunt around for a low impact exercise alternatives like yoga. Although I try to attend the lunchtime yoga sessions at work, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just practise yoga at home when you have time, but with […]

I was out for a jog with my friend Nicole, when all of a sudden I felt a twinge in my calf. And when I say twinge, I mean a big yank – hard enough to make me stop. We were on a quick after-work jog, running a course I must have run at least 20 times […]

Do you find out what the weather is like from Instagram, instead of the real world?

If it is raining outside and you have bored kids, here are a few ideas to keep them occupied during the school holidays.

I battled through the flax, chasing Ms 7’s green jacket as she charged up the hill. My phone blinked helpfully: ’24 metres!’. We were on the hunt for a hidden treasure cleverly concealed in a secret spot – a geocache.

Today had a disappointing experience for me.

Every year I rack my little brain to find ideas for Christmas presents that the kids can make. My criteria are: the finished product needs to look half decent, must not be too messy to make, uses easily sourced materials, and MUST be simple and quick to do. Last year, we made these super cute personalised Christmas mugs – and you can too! Here’s how.