Here’s a collection of the best tumblrs I’ve found lately that I thought you might enjoy: How May We Hate You? This is a tumblr full of entirely true stories from two Times Square hotel concierges (names changed to protect the innocent). Oh the tales they can tell! Here’s an example of the daily hilarity: […]

A quick round-up of a few links that you might have missed this week. 1. Wordsmiths, writers and ad guys will love this. Ever needed a word to be invented to describe a situation that everyone encounters? This clever website allows you to submit suggestions and vote on existing entries. Here’s a few examples to […]

This week, I am not in the office. I’m being mum with my girls which means doing things like dividing three biscuits evenly between two hungry little people, or going on forest walks. Things like teaching them how to tie shoe laces, or – on a whim – racing down to the waterfront to wave at Team New Zealand. Things like getting my butt kicked at ten-pin bowling or trying new food at the night markets.

My weekend reads have morphed into mid-week this time. Just for you, here are 5 of the best links I’ve read over the past 10 days, including how to get off a parking ticket!

Here are some of the best reads of the week for you: spy codes, Mini campaign, how to be decent, parenting compromises, keeping your employees and technology + us.

The best reads of the week for you: Airbnb backlash, a Sydney Instagram hotel, iPhone Post-It Notes, guru trolling, fashion bloggers.

Here’s a few links that I found this week. Enjoy! Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has made radical changes to the company since she joined a year ago. This unauthorised biography takes a look at what makes her tick, her upbringing, the early days at Google, and her role as a CEO and mother. If you […]