Are you a social media lurker? If you are, there may be bad news on the horizon. The 90-9-1 principle says that in a typical online community, content is created by just 1% of the community, engaged with by 9% and passively consumed by the remaining silent 90%. This means that on a platform like Facebook, we scroll […]

When I first heard about Facebook’s new mobile app Paper, I was hugely skeptical. I didn’t want another app on my phone for reading curated content, I already have loads of those. Flipboard, Feedly, Twitter…. another app just takes up storage space and will eventually be deleted.

Then I installed it.

And I love it.

This guest post first appeared on Thread, New Zealand’s popular fashion, beauty and culture website. The front door looks… strange. You slowly push it open, and enter your house, dragging your holiday bags behind you. Looking around, your normally spotless home is a shambles – clothes and household items are strewn everywhere. Your blood starts pounding […]

Facebook changed the competition rules last week so I’ve been keeping an eye out to see how brands will comply with the new terms. Continue reading

“Like to win THIS and THIS and THIS!” Facebook have changed the promotion rules today so you’re likely to see a lot more shouty, spammy giveaway posts in your Newsfeed. Continue reading

Facebook. So cluttered right now. Earlier this week I read this excellent post over on about how Facebook is broken. The writer made some insightful comments about how advertisers have hooked on to the Like and Share features to push ‘low quality, emotionally appealing content’ that will get shared and liked right throughout the […]

I attended a webinar today. Attended? Watched? Tuned in? One of those. It was run by our friends at Facebook but it was quite a surreal experience. The woman presenting the slidepack sounded like she had done it a trillion times before – which I guess she may well have done. Her bored, robotic voice […]