This guest post first appeared on Thread, New Zealand’s popular fashion, beauty and culture website. The front door looks… strange. You slowly push it open, and enter your house, dragging your holiday bags behind you. Looking around, your normally spotless home is a shambles – clothes and household items are strewn everywhere. Your blood starts pounding […]

Snap, crop, filter, scroll scroll…. my fingers whir through the Instagram settings almost blindfolded. Amaro, Valencia, Rise, Lo-Fi, Mayfair – I know all my favourite filters like old buddies. If you are like me, you love your Instagram pics. Here are some cool ideas to use them in other ways: Turn them into fridge magnets. […]

Every week I read lots of fascinating articles on the web or see cool things that I’d like to share with you.  So I’m collating them into one Friday post – here are this week’s top 5 for your weekend reading. Enjoy! If you have a love hate relationship with your Instagram feed, then you’ll […]

There’s been a bit of backlash for poor old Instagram after the introduction of their video sharing feature last week. And just when they had everything going so well! Many frustrated users find the video feature a bit flaky, videos not uploading, videos not playing properly and others just highly insulted by these noisy videos entering […]

I quite like Instagram. For a social network, it’s a little bit social but blissfully ad free – it still has a way to go before it starts acting like it’s parent Facebook. Instagram has always encouraged users to take photos and share them – right when they happen. That is the beauty of it […]

Last week I read this NY Times article about free photo editing app Tadaa describing it as a ‘sophisticated Instagram alternative’ – sounds intriguing!  So over the weekend I gave Tadaa a whirl to see how it compared with other apps on my iPhone such as Instagram and Camera+. Now I love Instagram as much […]

Example of a top rating in Oink Kevin Rose (ex Digg) launched his new mobile app Oink in early November, so I gave it a whirl to see what all the fuss was about. What is it? Well, its a way to rate things – different from foursquare where you are rating places. So for example: my […]