I can’t stop watching this! Mesmerising and amazing all at the same time. Great one to bookmark for presentations to illustrate what is happening on the internet in real-time. Click the animation to open the full version (via PennyStocks.la). Advertisements

This guest post first appeared on Thread, New Zealand’s popular fashion, beauty and culture website. The front door looks… strange. You slowly push it open, and enter your house, dragging your holiday bags behind you. Looking around, your normally spotless home is a shambles – clothes and household items are strewn everywhere. Your blood starts pounding […]

I stumbled across someone’s blog the other day that I hadn’t visited before. Nice enough blog, quite a few posts, good blurb about the writer etc. I looked at one of the posts – 50 comments! Impressed, I started scrolling through them. Can you guess? Yep, spam. Lots of spam. In fact mostly spam. And they had been left published on the blog. Continue reading

This father blogged recently about how he is paying his 14 year old daughter USD $200 to give up Facebook for 5 months. They have an agreement and everything! The payments will be staggered with the first $50 payable after 2 months and the remainder at the end of the agreed term. According to some […]

Ever seen your webcam light turn green for no known reason…..? The New York Times published an article recently about personal internet security, and amongst other things mentioned was putting a bit of tape over your laptop webcam in case malware switches it on, and someone spies on you. Put your hand up if you are feeling […]