This guest post first appeared on Thread, New Zealand’s popular fashion, beauty and culture website. The front door looks… strange. You slowly push it open, and enter your house, dragging your holiday bags behind you. Looking around, your normally spotless home is a shambles – clothes and household items are strewn everywhere. Your blood starts pounding […]

Last night I asked Twitter this question: Twitter, I'm doing some research. Tell me: which brand do YOU think uses social media really well? And whhhhyyyy? — Simone McCallum (@simonemccallum) August 2, 2012 Here is a selection of some of the answers and chatter that followed: I think it is interesting to get such a […]

I was honoured to be invited to join a panel at WordCampNZ recently, along with Vaughan Rowsell (CEO Vend), Gianpolo Grazioli (Giapo Icecream) and facilitated by Bill Bennett It was a wide ranging discussion, topics covered include online communities, social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest), mobile usage and consumer behaviour, permission marketing, personal vs […]

Maybe it is the winter blues. Or maybe it is a heavy dose of cynicism. I’ve noticed lately that there seem to be quite a few people on Twitter and Facebook who are not living in my world. People who are wondering idly how to sync the 3 iPads that belong to their kids. Quite […]

There is a real conundrum that anyone working in social media will face after about 5 minutes in the job. On one hand, you are active on lots of different social networks, and part of your job is to find and share a lot of content with a whole lot of people you don’t know. […]

I am involved in a social media team for a NZ brand so I am used to having customers tweet our account with the occasional problem, grizzle and the like. Of course, we also get a lot of compliments too! Recently I have also been on the other side of the fence and have been dealing with […]

A recent study by Altimeter Group revealed that global corporations have on average 178 social media accounts. Yes, 178 accounts! That statistic suggests chaos reins within some organisations as social media spreads like wildfire. As it’s just so damn easy to set up a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, blog or Foursquare account (‘in just a […]